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Who We Are

DORA NADIN is considered to be a unique marketing & distribution company in Saudi which provides pharmaceutical and medical services to other companies by adherence to professional and global standards


Our Vision

Applying international marketing standards with all aspects of branding strategies within the Saudi & international markets to assure win - win relationship with our agencies & customers.


Our Mission

Developing smart, results-oriented sales and marketing programs that often exceed goals previously settled.

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DORA NADIN is one of the most dynamic companies in Saudi pharmaceutical and medical market, distinguished with its innovative approaches to marketing and distribution, possessing significant work experience in domestic & international markets.

image General Manager

Morayh m. Al-Assiri

image Marketing Director

Eng\Abduleah Al Assiri

Dora nadin force team

Marketing Force

Senior management team from all departments are closely involved in strategic marketing and planning to identify customers needs ,set customers loyalty programs, decrease operational costs & expenses, to boost Company’s profit.

Sales Force

Army of sales person's with strategic plan of action and distribution to the specific areas of concerns

Scientific Force

Consists of a professional scientific Team working to support the marketing teams with updated scientific information that serve to gain the desired market share by professionals.

Promotion Force

Vast number of medical representatives covering all areas in Saudi Arabia and strictly following the company's strategies and plan of action which is supervised by scientific and marketing area manager and supervisors.



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Private Hospitals

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